Resources and information on Andrews Filter & Supply Corp. products.

Click here to download Camfil Farr literature, specifications, technical bulletins, and case studies

Click here to view Camfil’s Coronavirus Pandemic Solutions

This 2 page document outlines recommendations for Standard Risk and High Risk Areas.


Click here for information on the Camfil CC500-VHU Air Purifier Isolation Unit

For Healthcare Facilities the Camfil CC500-VHU can direct up to 500 cubic feet of air per minute through a 99.99% HEPA filter as an in-room recirculation air purifier or can be configured to exhaust HEPA filtered air in negatively pressurized isolation areas.

(City M Unit Shown – Please see above link for CC500-VHU)

Click here for more information on the Absolute XH HEPA

The XH Absolute is a High Capacity HEPA available in efficiencies from 99.97% to 99.999% on .3 micron particles.


Click here for information on the Durafil 4VES

The Durafil 4VES MERV16A 12″ final filter is the best option to upgrade filtration where HEPA filters are not an option due to airflow and current equipment limitations.  It exceeds Camfil’s Standard Risk Area recommendation of a MERV15 filter.


Click here for information on the UVR Glo

Glo fixtures are UV lighting systems that are used to mitigate nosocomial infections, measles, colds and flu in healthcare settings that include waiting and patient rooms, and many other types of occupied spaces.

Camfil 30/30 Pleated Filtercamfil30_30__17982_1410668566_500_659

  • Guaranteed to last longer and maintain efficiency
  • True MERV-8A efficiency
  • Meets all hospital filter efficiency guidelines

Other Pleated Filters:

  • Aeropleat IV – High Capacity filter for low resistance and long life
  • Aeropleat 11 – Radial pleat design, welded rounded wire, and MERV 11 media
  • Aeropleat 13 – MERV 13 in 2” and 4” depths, meets LEED requirements

Hi-Flo ES Bag Filter

  • May be used without prefilter to reduce energy costs
  • Lowest initial and average pressure drop to ensure lowest energy costs
  • Molded plastic frame, no jagged edges, no pocket damage, no air bypass
  • Fine fiber assures maintained efficiency throught its life cycle
  • Guaranteed to 10” w.g. without filter failure

Other Bag Filters:

  • Hi-Flo – Microfine media bag filter with controlled media spacing
  • S-Flo – Economical bag filter with synthetic media
  • City-Flo – MERV 13 bag filter with odor control for gaseous contaminants

Durafil ESdkjo

  • Longest lasting high efficiency air filter
  • Lowest life cycle cost (LCC) filter available
  • Fine fiber assures maintained efficiency throughout its life in the system

Other Box Filters:

  • Riga-Flo – Microfine media glass box filter, guaranteed to 10”w.g.aeropac
  • Durafil 2V – Lightweight box filter, easy to handle, guaranteed to 10”w.g.
  • Riga-V – Economical box filter with unique pleat within a pleat design
  • Aeropac –High efficiency box filter with wet laid paper style media
  • Opti-pac – Fine fiber media with a plastic frame in 4” design

HEPA/Clean Room Filters:

  • Absolute – Many types available including high capacity cfm and high temperature
  • Filtra 2000 – High surface area low pressure drop HEPA filterfiltra
  • E-PTFE Megalam – Low outgassing, chemically compatible ULPA filter
  • Megalam – Minipleat panel filter with exclusive controlled media spacing
  • Pharmaseal – Ducted ceiling module with low life cycle cost
  • Megalam Terminal Diffuser – Ducted ceiling module for clean processes/medical suites
  • Slimline 41DCM & RFM22 – Lightweight compact ducted filter modules
Low Efficiency Filters:
  • Fiberglass & Polyester Media – Many types available in rolls or pads154-01
  • Polyester Throwaways – Polyester media with cardboard frame
  • Links/Panels – Internal welded wire frame with many media and ply options

Carbon Filter Products:

  • CamSorb Riga-Carb – High efficiency box filter, removal of low con33237centration odors
  • CityCarb – MERV15 efficiency and odor control in a single filter
  • Carbon in media roll or pad design Bulk Carbon and Honeycomb style


  • Aluminum Holding Frames
  • Type 8 Frames – Universal frame for built-up banksIB-GlidePackMultiTrack13_2
  • Glide/Pack Housings – Several configurations for multiple filter stages
  • Magna-Frame – For HEPA/ULPA filtration
  • Magna-Pack – Housing for HEPA/ULP filtration
  • Housing for carbon panels and cylinders

Metal Filters:

  • Type 44 – All metal impingement style filterFP-A20252N_1_300x300
  • Grease/Baffle Filters

Continental Contitech V-Belts:

  • Industry’s highest quality materials and processes
  • A,B,C,D, AX, BX, CX, 3VX, 5VX, 8VX, 3V, 5V, 8V, AA, BB, CC, CCP

HVAC Chemicals:

  • Triple “D” Coil Cleaner – alkaline with inhibitors to clean and protect the finssani-cnd-1
  • Foaming coil cleaners and odor free options also available
  • An-Cell CPT – Safe, reliable, drain pan treatment for any ton air handler
  • Sani-CND – Air handler disinfectant to prevent mold, fungus, and viral growth
  • Many other types or air handler chemicals available

UV Bulbs & Equipment:

  • Complete line of ultraviolet bulbs manufactured by Philips1lampPhilips_(2)__20203_zoom
  • Replacements for all brands / manufacturers available
  • UV Resources RLM Xtreme offers a simple, affordable, and flexible system design
  • Unlimited lamp configurations with minimal hardware installation
  • Destroys coil/drain pan mold and bacteria

Water Filters:236-d-051-1-400

Everpure & Pentek – Cartridges, housings, fountain drinks, ice, carbon, under counter

Paint Filters:
Arrestors, Pads, Panels, Intake filters, for downdraft and crossdraft applications

1” Sizes12 x 30 x 1 (4 Pack of Filters)

Considering all the airborne challenges found in our homes, why not use a filter that only gets better with time?

Using the Aeropleat IV filter in Florida is important because:

  • The filter media consists of a fine fiber media, which enables it to only get better with time.  Unlike other national brands that use 100% synthetic charged media that lose their charge, the Aeropleat IV uses no electrostatic charge whatsoever to achieve its MERV-8A rating. This is especially important in Florida, where high humidity will dissipate any charge.  This loss of charge results in a filter that will drop in MERV rating.
  • It is designed to typically run for 3 months or longer in residential applications.This filter is also a commercial grade filter that is used in applications such as healthcare.
  • It is not available in stores!  It is by Camfil, the world’s largest air filter manufacturer.  The custom size version is listed as the An-Cell 20.  Estimated delivery is 3-6 business days.

4” – 6” Sizes700SG_300x300

These OEM and equivalent replacement filters are listed by manufacturer.  Please see the description/model number to find your filter.  Estimated delivery is 3-6 business days.