At Andrews Filter & Supply, our priority is to provide a clean indoor environment in which people can live and work – and to provide a clean, dust-free environment for industrial and manufacturing facilities.


Based in Florida, Andrews Filter is a manufacturer and distributor servicing the needs of it’s customers since 1971. We maintain a complete manufacturing facility for custom sized filters. We also represent and maintain an inventory for over 20 leading companies in the filtration field.


Who is Andrews Filter & Supply Corp.?

  • We are a major supplier of filtration products since 1971.
  • Complete manufacturing facility for custom or odd sized filter products at our 50,000 sq ft Orlando location.
  • Technology-based company with industry leading life cycle cost software to help solve your filtration needs on a total cost basis.
  • Solution based provider of options that covers all levels of air filtration up to HEPA/ULPA applications.

Who Is Camfil?

  • World’s largest manufacturer of air filtration and clean air solutions, with 22 production plants and R&D centers in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.
  • A company that delivers value to customers all over the world while delivering something essential to everyone – clean air.
  • Andrews Filter is the sole aftermarket distributor for Camfil in North, West, and Central Florida.

We’re Not Just Filters!

  • Continental Contitech V-Belts
  • Liquid/water filters
  • UV systems and replacement bulbs
  • HVAC Chemicals including coil cleaners, drain pan treatments, and sanitizers
  • Paint booth filters


We pride ourselves on the quality of products we manufacture and represent. From low to high efficiency filtration, great care is taken to ensure the quality of media and the integrity of our products.